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A Little Town Called Tomball Has Big Real Estate

In Texas, everything is big, the saying goes. The same is true of their homes- but not just in larger well known cities, but in small towns too; towns like Tomball TX.

A little ways north of Houston, in Harris County is the city of Tomball. Tomball TX real estate is just 45 minutes from Dowtown Houston. Tomball homes are very affordable by any standards and certainly more affordable than the homes closer to downtown. The real estate market is especially kind to people relocating to the area. If you pay extra for the commute, you’ll certainly save big by bying a home in the Tomball properties selection. Many new, relatively upscale homes are available and the price is right whether upscale or not. The priciest home I found in Tomball was a lofty $2.9 million but it is a collossus that rivals the Whitehouse.

It only took 3 pages on a home search to get to homes under $1M. A still very lofty mansion at the $900,000 mark.

Homes that are decidedly luxury quality are all over the map at under $200,000 like this one:

Communities like Tomball should not be ignored for their obvious value in the Houston luxury real estate market or what by many standards are at least very upscale homes.

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