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March 15th, 2013

Fullerton Homes Brookdale Place

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Fullerton Homes For Sale In Historical District This morning in Fullerton was awesome. Another 75 to 80 degree January day on tap and Brookdale Place was beautiful. 316 Brookdale Place Fullerton Short Video – Fullerton Neighborhood Walk-Through Brookdale Place in Fullerton CA features vintage but large scale homes on large lots. Immaculate appointments and designs from the 1930s that retain elegance and a living areas that still please today’s homeowners. Assisted living at San Antonio’s Sonterra Another home is up on the market on the corner. The house on 316 Brookdale has been price reduced to $995,000 if I remember correctly. What makes Brookdale Pl. One of Fullerton’s most awesome streets?  Homes like this keep standards high. People constantly upgrade home interiors and exteriors. Yard maintenance like this tree trimming are routine. Real Estate SEO Search Marketing – Give Them What They Want

August 29th, 2012

316 Brookdale Place Fullerton CA & A Neighborhood Video Walkthrough – Fullerton Homes

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A four-minute walk-through of the Fullerton homes on Brookdale place. This video shows the neighborhood around 316 Brookdale Pl., Fullerton, CA. This home is on the market for about $1.19 million and is available by appointment only. The agent is Jackie O. Her phone number is (714) 402-9155. I never grow tired of walking through this Fullerton neighborhood and looking at the variety of homes. The historical district is thoroughly enjoyable and even has faux gas lamps lining the streets. Many of the houses have been remodeled inside and out using materials imported from Europe and around the world. People care about the neighborhood and are very community conscious. If you can deal with the cost of the real estate in Fullerton investment is a worthy one. I don’t know of anyone who says “Gee, I’m disappointed that I bought a house in Fullerton.”

July 26th, 2012

316 W Brookdale Place Fullerton CA – A Few New Pictures – Vintage Homes

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Walking by this house this morning, I saw the new For Sale sign. 316 W Brookdale Place, one of my favorite homes on the street is up for sale. I shot a few photographs with my trusty cellphone and went home to look up the sale data. $1.19M for this charming prize among the vintage Fullerton homes but it’s only 1495 Sq. Ft and advertises 5 bathrooms. Must be the view.

June 2nd, 2012

Fullerton Homes With Jacaranda Lined Streets

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One of the most popular highlights in Fullerton in the communities and 50s vintage homes, many of which have seen substantial upgrades under the appearance of looking like something out of history, is the generously appointed Jacaranda trees that line many of its streets that have been home to generations who have enjoyed the feeling of yesteryear in an area known more for either utility or modernity. Much of the LA basin is predictable and infused with urban flavor pressing in on housing tracts but not Fullerton. Fullerton Keeps It Real – Vintage Home Styles By Design City managers have kept the flavor of its historical roots preserved and highly visible. Those who make expansions or improvements in its historical districts are guided to keep the style of everything consistent with its original look. Preserved Fullerton Neighborhoods Feel Like The Home You Grew Up In Houses in Fullerton, especially homes north of Harbor and toward Coyote Hills are tucked among mature trees and fairly narrow streets that were built and planned in the mid 20th century. Cars were few and homes were modest. Now, residents appreciate the old town feel and make do with limited street width, often pausing to let each other pass. Some are just as likely to pause to greet each other- neighbors and friends for years. House To House Life In Fullerton Neighborhoods A walk through Fullerton’s older neighborhoods reveal that the 50s lifestyle is alive and well. Front doors are open. People sit on porches and read or talk on…

February 17th, 2011

Worth the Trip from Fullerton | Anaheim Auto Repair Service

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Anaheim Auto Repair and Tire Service My preferred Anaheim Auto Repair service for eighteen years. You may live in Fullerton, or even other more distant locations, but a 100% trustworthy auto repair service is found in North Anaheim, CA. Don’t let the name “Mitchell Tire Service” fool you. Mitchell Tire service also provides the best Anaheim auto repair service in the business Tires are only part of their business. They are also an Anaheim auto repair full service shop. They have been doing quality auto repair in Anaheim for over 40 years.  The owner, Dave Mitchell, has been at the same location in Anaheim providing auto repair and good old fashioned advice too, since 1971.  Combined, the Mitchell Tire Service in Anaheim staff has over 135 years of auto repair experience. Dave Mitchell says they have built our business on honesty, integrity, quality, guarantee, and treating the customer the way we like to be treated, and it shows. They constantly stay on top of what’s happening in the auto repair world, checking technical service bulletins and recall information on repairs. They will always let you know if your repair may be covered under dealer or extended warranty.  They also work with many extended warranty companies. You should see for yourself, why over 85% of their Anaheim car repair and tire dealer customers are repeat business.  Many of their customers, including me, who have moved out of the area still make the trip into Anaheim for their explicitly trusted service for their vehicles.  Many of their customers…

June 22nd, 2010

Keeping It Cool With The Marine Layer in Fullerton

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There’s nothing like a nice marine layer to cool things off in summer. Fullerton homes stay cool while other parts of the state and country swelter in the heat. Temps all of the first week of summer have stayed in the 70s with overnights in the 50s. Fullerton broke cloud-bank this morning at around 9:45 and let the sun peek through. In this photo, the marine layer shields the sun for a while longer, keeping the day comfortable.

June 11th, 2010

Jacaranda Trees In Bloom | Fullerton Homes With Lavender Lawns

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Homes in Fullerton, CA enjoy the lavender of the blooms of the Jacaranda trees each year. The trees carpet the streets and lawns with a light layer of purple each June and this year is no exception.

May 24th, 2010

Fullerton Homes By The El Camino Real – Downtown

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It isn’t the name of this street that bisects downtown Fullerton leading from shops and restaurants to the homes and residences, but the sign shows that this was part of the historical Kings Highway, “El Camino Real” that runs its course through most of California. Fullerton homes wouldn’t have quite the same flavor without the historic and quaint flavors of the Fullerton Downtown businesses and entertainment.

Though it’s an old 20th century style building, the Chapman Building, located in the heart of downtown Fullerton, has been retrofitted to resist earthquakes. The steel frame building was analyzed and designed using three dimensional computer analysis software. This is one of my favorite landmarks in downtown Fullerton. The downtown is one of the attractions that make homes for sale in Fullerton a good idea. Fullerton Homes for saleBrea Homes for sale

May 4th, 2010

Fullerton Homes and Downtown – Old and New

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Just thought I’d share this cool window display in Fullerton CA. Vintage memorabilia is often a running theme in the city which keeps its history well highlighted. Downtown Fullerton is a mix of old and new. The local colleges keep the newness at the forefront but the city’s history as a central destination for early (and present) railway routes accentuate the old as well. For my photography click: Fullerton photographers