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January 16th, 2011

Fullerton Homes For Sale

Fullerton Homes for Sale, by davekeys.

Fullerton homes for sale are unique in this historical city once a town that was founded primarily as a main stop on the Southern California railroad. Citrus groves surrounded the area along with oil wells in the Brea hills. The old 1930s flavor is still replete in the community with many of the original buildings and landmarks preserved and maintained making this community unique in Orange County and the Southland.

The city was founded in 1887 by George and Edward Amerige, and in the days of the “wild west”, had no law enforcement. By 1927 the police force totaled 8. Now, downtown is surrounded by what we may think of as vintage homes- indeed many have unique elements imported from around the world to complete their classical architectural styles. The police department is housed in the former city hall.

Homes in Fullerton range widely in sale price, with many in affordable reach of first time home buyers, while others are more grand estate homes on large lots priced upwards of $4 million plus.


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Responses to “Fullerton Homes For Sale”

  1. Wow, what a great article about the history of Fullerton, CA! I know who to call the next time I have a client looking for Fullerton homes for sale!

  2. Great to know more about Fullerton homes for sale. I love vintage and historic homes. I also like your photo.