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June 2nd, 2012

Fullerton Homes With Jacaranda Lined Streets

Fullerton Homes, by davekeys.

One of the most popular highlights in Fullerton in the communities and 50s vintage homes, many of which have seen substantial upgrades under the appearance of looking like something out of history, is the generously appointed Jacaranda trees that line many of its streets that have been home to generations who have enjoyed the feeling of yesteryear in an area known more for either utility or modernity. Much of the LA basin is predictable and infused with urban flavor pressing in on housing tracts but not Fullerton.

Fullerton Keeps It Real – Vintage Home Styles By Design

City managers have kept the flavor of its historical roots preserved and highly visible. Those who make expansions or improvements in its historical districts are guided to keep the style of everything consistent with its original look.

Many Houses in Fullerton have these Jacaranda trees in the front

Preserved Fullerton Neighborhoods Feel Like The Home You Grew Up In

Houses in Fullerton, especially homes north of Harbor and toward Coyote Hills are tucked among mature trees and fairly narrow streets that were built and planned in the mid 20th century. Cars were few and homes were modest. Now, residents appreciate the old town feel and make do with limited street width, often pausing to let each other pass. Some are just as likely to pause to greet each other- neighbors and friends for years.

House To House Life In Fullerton Neighborhoods

A walk through Fullerton’s older neighborhoods reveal that the 50s lifestyle is alive and well. Front doors are open. People sit on porches and read or talk on their cellphones. Children play on sidewalks and in yards and everyone seems to know each other, especially during annual events and traditions that seem to run themselves on autopilot, like the yearly Halloween house to house bazaar where homes are decorated and outfitted to the max in various Halloween themes. Seemingly everyone in the town takes to the streets to tour the historical district and see who has outdone themselves this year, and of course engage in trick-or-treating. Some residents even dress up as and play various characters from pirates to ghosts and entertain everyone who comes by for hours.

Home Styles in Fullerton

If you’ve traveled much to Mexico and Europe, you’ll recognize something familiar yet different about nearly every home in Fullerton’s historical district. Gas lamp fixtures still line the streets, though now fitted with the latest in lighting. Styles range from English cottages to French manors and of course, various Haciendas and Adobe styles. Everywhere you look gives you a flavor of somewhere you’ve been until you take in the next home and memory transports you yet somewhere else again. Something about one house reminds you of a Dutch or German Haus and then you walk a few more feet and are confronted with decidedly English looking or a cacophony of Californian, modern and Mexican hacienda all wrapped up together in one residence that just somehow works.

Fullerton Home Values Long Term

Home values in Fullerton have pretty much returned to 2004 levels except that right now, home loan interest rates are so low as to make buying real estate in Fullerton particularly attractive, perhaps more attractive than it might be for a long time after.

Fullerton Homes

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