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Fullerton Homes

Fullerton Real Estate Forged In History and Community Tradition

You see evidence of it everywhere. Fullerton homes in classic styles from English to 1940s and 50s American ranch homes and bungalows that have been repeatedly upgraded but maintained in their original themes and styles. This is due both to city guidelines and codes and community sentiment. It’s strong here in Fullerton where the homes reflect the people who enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle that fits closely with the home styles. A walk through Fullerton neighborhoods will make that clear. People like a little bit of yesteryear in their homes. At night doors and windows are open and childrens’ toys and bikes are outside without much worry of theft. These people look out for their community and most know each other.

Real estate here sells on community value, not just home comps. To live here you experience camaraderie that is rare in many neighborhoods. It is rich and plentiful here.

Many Houses in Fullerton have these Jacaranda trees in the front

A Community That Feels Like The Home You Grew Up In

What’s it like to live in Fullerton? Homes in Fullerton, especially the real estate found north of Harbor and east of Coyote Hills is graced with mature trees and narrower than usual streets that adds to the feeling of another American era. The homes and streets were planned and built in the 1930s and 40s. There were fewer cars and home sizes were modest for new couples emerging from the depression and a world war. Today’s homeowners appreciate the old town feel and simply learn ways to manage the limited street width, often stopping on narrower streets to let each other get through. Some are neighbors and friends and stop to have a brief conversation before moving on along.

Community Traditions:

There are many local traditions, even specific to neighborhoods. One example is the house to house Halloween outing that everyone in town seems to take part in where homeowners decorate and even entertain on their local October 31st Fullerton tradition.

Fullerton Down Home And Uptown Living

Nestled among the Coyote Hills and steeped in local history, Fullerton Homes are often homes that appear almost cottage-like and like cottages of England, are much larger inside than they first seem from the outside. Many homes have been fully remodeled, or even re-constructed. Ample lots and larger homes, each with distinct uniqueness populate the streets surrounding a quaint but bustling and energetic downtown. Fullerton is uniquely flavored by its oil industry past as one of the main train stops in the early 1900s. Several colleges including CSUF and Fullerton College bring in a dense local population of students- many who live in Fullerton homes year round. It’s a town where people settle in and stay. Often the colleges expose people to the community who then fall in love with it and stay.

Fullerton’s Downtown Businesses and Real Estate

Downtown Fullerton engenders the old and new all at once in a unique blend of college life and history. One of the main terminals during the area’s oil industry days, Fullerton has retained many of its old landmarks from the train station to the police station, not to mention Fullerton College where students arrived in canoes in the hundred year flood of 1938, when most of Orange County found itself flooded. Its real estate is old even when it is new. Upgrades conform to both written and unwritten ideas that preservation of the flavor of its mid-20th century styles makes living here pleasant. Fullerton shops restaurants and entertainment share a long tradition of blending new and old. The day I took this video, we ate at Rutabegorz, established 40 years ago and still serving up 70s fare in a 90s environment- solar powered. Plummer Auditorium finished up the night in an excellent dress rehearsal of Brigadoon. Shot with the new Canon 550D T2i, which I’m still learning. The creative modes are every bit as varied as you expect from an SLR camera.

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