What Is An Agreement With God

What Is An Agreement With God

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3. Spend your time for God. Time, they say, is money. Time is one of the most precious things on earth. When it`s gone, it`s gone. The only way to buy back time is to spend it wisely. There is this analogy of someone receiving 86,000 pence a day every day. But he has to spend everything a day, without transfer. 86,000 seconds is in a day or 1,433 minutes. What percentage do you use to fellowship with God and/or serve Him daily? That`s 516,000 minutes a year.

How much do you waste daily and then annually? Our lives are structured by and on agreements. Agreements are fundamental to virtually everything that happens every day in our lives. Marriage begins with an agreement. Our jobs are based on an agreement. If we own property, we have an agreement. Utilities, driver`s licenses, credit cards, bank loans, social security, and even citizenship rights are based on an agreement. If we intentionally or negligently reject the obligation of our agreements, marriages divorce, jobs are lost, public services are cut, driver`s licenses are revoked, bank loans are recalled, social security benefits are cancelled, and we can lose citizenship rights. When honorable people make honorable deals, lives and relationships are blessed. When agreements are ignored, violated or abused, lives and relationships become increasingly miserable. Few, if any, of us would make a serious commitment without an agreement. What for? Commitment without agreement leads to pain and suffering.

No-deal engagement does not require mutual investment per se. In an obligation without agreement, a person can go out, walk away and disappear without conscience. With a no-deal commitment, a person has nothing to lose if they simply leave. For an honest and honest person, the act of reaching an agreement is the act of taking responsibility in the engagement. This is the explanation: “I count on you, and you can count on me.” This is the explanation: “I trust you, and you can trust me.” In any successful relationship, this statement must be based on reciprocity. God is always committed to people who agree to commit to Him. The fundamental nature of God`s agreement with us is very different from an agreement one makes with another human being. In a human-human agreement, each person can bring benefits to the other person in engagement. If I agree with you: I can contribute to your personal well-being. I can reward you.

I can increase your comfort. I can increase your personal safety. I can meet some of your needs. I can bless you. I can do something that specifically makes your life or existence better because we make a deal with each other. But when I make a deal with God, it is impossible for me to create a benefit for God. Under no circumstances does God need me or depend on me. I can`t improve God`s well-being—if I had never existed, it wouldn`t affect God`s well-being. I cannot reward God; all that I am or have, even my life, is the gift of God. I cannot elevate God`s comfort—God`s comfort does not depend on me. I cannot increase God`s security – I have no influence on God`s security.

I can`t meet God`s needs – God doesn`t need to meet them. I can`t give God a blessing – I depend on God when it comes to blessings. There is absolutely nothing I can do to benefit God`s existence. Therefore, every agreement a person makes with God is unique; it is very different from any agreement that one person makes with another person. The agreement God makes with a person is called a covenant. .